• Happy Asian Males

    A podcast about Health, Sexuality, and Purposeful Living.

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    We are just two guys trying to make the world a better place while enjoying our time on this lovely planet. We share our life experiences as Chinese-American men to create #OpenSourceGrowth and promote the philosophy of "Ikigai". We dive deep into the story of the Asian American male and how it is often overlooked. We touch all the topics that matter to us - business, sexuality, psychedelics, fitness, mental health, and human optimization to improve our lives and everyone we meet. We know that many of these topics reach far beyond being an Asian-American but we wanted to tell these stories from our perspective and we hope it resonates with and enriches our listeners.

    Seibo Shen


    Co-founder of Hanu Labs and Cannabis Entrepreneur. Seibo is a dancer, former amateur boxer, grappling enthusiast, and father of two. Being able to help people improve their lives is one of the things that brings him the most joy.

    Brandon Chien


    Founder of The Art of Self-Alignment and Strength and Movement Coach. Brandon helps people trust their bodies through movement, sex-education, and outdoor fitness/survival.

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